About us

The Graduate Program in Knowledge Engineering Management (PPGEGC) is focused on training masters and doctors, and also on the technical-scientific knowledge production for the knowledge society.

Knowledge is its object of research, for that reason, it is studied, characterized and defined in an interdisciplinary way, as content or process resulting from socio-technical interactions between human and technological agents. In this sense, it is also approached as a relevant strategic factor for the generation of value and social equity.

This definition confirms the multifaceted characterization of knowledge because it understands knowledge as a value generating factor that presents : multiple states (tacit, implicit or explicit), different locus (human or artifacts), dimensions (individual, including individual, group, inter-organizational or networked) and properties (manageable, transmissible).

The academic structure of the Program is based on three areas of concentration: Knowledge Engineering , Knowledge Management, and Knowledge Media, which are aligned respectively with three paradigmatic identities (cognitive, autopoietic and connectionist). The Knowledge Engineering studies include modeling and development of knowledge systems. The Knowledge Management Studies approach the strategic cycle of knowledge dynamics. Finally, the Knowledge Media Studies investigate the diffusion and communication of knowledge.

Thus, the Program articulates interdisciplinary connections highlighting three emphases of training and research: (1) ) explanation, emulation and modeling, encompassing the creation, acquisition, discovery, formalization, coding, storage, distribution and use of knowledge (Engineering); (2) planning, Investigated topics include knowledge processes such as integration, evaluation, retention-discarding, retention-disposal, creation-innovation, ownership and evolution of knowledge (Management); and (3) dissemination, communication and knowledge sharing, also including preservation, dissemination, transfer, socialization and access (Media).